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We specialise in counselling companies in the food industry. Especially for small and medium sized companies we offer the opportunity to have access to expert competence which you need but do not wish to have in permanent disposition. Your skill will be matched with our know-how.

We rely on broad experience on various areas of alimentary technology:

  • Micro-Biology and Biotechnology
    e.g. in developing a practicable method to cultivate specific germs for cheese
  • Food Chemistry Analytic
  • Chemical Engineering
    e.g. in developing a fluidised bed dryer

We performed extensive investigations in the areas of

  • Food legislation (European Law and national Law of various countries)
  • Nutritional Physiology

We have expertise in assessing applicants or staff

  • Professional Qualification
  • Key virtue such as ability to work in teams, managerial skill, ability to find solutions to difficult problems

We are accustomed to include and evaluate economic aspects into our appraisements.

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Jürgen Krüll
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